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Panerai; watches, straps and history by Erwan Grey

This is a story of fantasy, which is told of the reverse … it tells what happened with a watch and a strap of the present, but that it was made to remember a past … the Second World War. 

Who knows if the soldier who took the watch turned out to be luxury, did it to count the hours left to go home … to see his wife, his children, his family … who knows what happened during the hours I marked were clocked during the war years..

This is a tribute to the human beings who gave their lives to defend freedom, their people and their country. To all those who suffered the horror of war.


Who knows if any of these photos was the soldier who had assigned the dive watch No. 17 and were the soldier No. 33 … Or maybe it was the other way around? Maybe the guy see the camera? maybe are one of these?


Possibly we will never know, but every time we put a Panerai watch on our wrist, we will be remembering that stage of history, and every time we press our strap, we will be paying homage to life, to the struggle for freedom and to the heritage of history.

Erwan Grey Photographer

 Watch: Panerai PAM 127   Strap: L15 - Egiziano Grosso Trentatre - True Vintage Folded with sew-in steel GPF Buckle.





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