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Paneraisource L15 - Egiziano Grosso Trentatre Aftermarket Panerai Strap Review by Nelson

Corrigia is a German strapmaker that produces premium true-to-original Vintage style Panerai straps. You may have seen my previous review of Corrigia straps, if not please take a look!

Cengio is the man behind the mask at Corrigia and takes great pride in his vintage reproductions, with this strap being reviewed his ultimate Egiziano strap. He's done a ton of work to re-create this unique and wonderful vintage Egiziano strap. It comes shipped in a unfinished wooden box filled with coffee beans and an ID card - everything smells wonderfully like coffee!


The leather is incredible soft and supple. I actually think this is the softest leather I've every handled. cengio claims that this softness is achieved by his natural sea water aging process, which is something I've never heard of before. I guess its almost like a real Italian Navy diver wore this on a mission before putting it up for sale to you. While the softness of the leather is nice, there is one small drawback - the keepers are very soft and it makes the strap very difficult to pull through the keepers initially. It gets easier with time, but because of the softness, the leather stretches, so its neccessary to have it extra-tight in the beginning.


Here you can see the cool 4-layer true vintage construction style which Corrigia does very nicely on this strap. The strap features 4 layers on the long tail side, and 3.5 layers on the short side, resulting in a very cool vintage look and fairly thick strap. The strap has an incredible natural aged look, that is achieved without applying paint or dye on top of the leather. All vintaging and aging is done by working the straps by hand and grinding and sanding the edges, which is pretty impressive!


A cool close-up of the knife-edge buckle that Corrigia uses on the Egiziano strap, which is surprisingly made in-house in Corrigia's own manufacture in Karlsruhe, Germany. Its a beautifully crafted sewn-in buckle, with a great brushed stainless steel finish.


A shot of the back of the strap, as you can see its quite a rugged and rustic - appealing to the vintage strap collectors that really want something that looks aged. The short end is stamped with the Corrigia logo, and as you can see it uses the true vintage style of foldover construction on the short end where the sewn-in buckle has the larger loop that is shared with the fixed keeper.


Here's one more photo of the strap. One of the interesting things about this strap is that it has two numbers on it, a 17 and a 33. I haven't seen many straps with numbers on both ends of the strap, but its cool nonetheless. I still can't get over how soft this strap is! I think that's probably one of the most stand-out features of this strap is the unique feel .

In summary, another awesome vintage style strap from Corrigia. Fantastic vintage style stitching and construction, with uber soft leather for superb comfort and style. If that's what you are looking for, Corrigia is a great choice!


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