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L14 - Ombra 24mm PRE-A Style

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Length of the short side:

Length of the long side:

Folding technique on both sides:

Yarn Color:

Sew-in Buckle:

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  • V-367
  • Kohlschwarz
  • Kohlschwarz
The L14 - Ombra Strap Series are exactly manifactured according the historical Vintage Panerai... more
Product information "L14 - Ombra 24mm PRE-A Style"

The L14 - Ombra Strap Series are exactly manifactured according the historical Vintage Panerai 6152-1 Straps. For a better authentic look we recommend a "Sew-in" Buckle for your Strap.

Width and Thickness

  • The length and width can be configured by the strap configurator.
  • The thickness of the Strap is automatically recognized by Corrigia based on the chosen width and folding technique in the configurator.
  • With a selected width of 24mm to 28mm, the Strap has a thickness of 4mm to 6mm. .
  • With a selected width of 21mm to 23mm, the Strap has a thickness of 3mm to 4mm.
  • With a selected width of 18mm to 20mm, the Strap has a thickness of 2mm to 3mm.

Strap holes

  • If you order the Strap without sewn-in Buckle, then the strap holes will be punch for screw-in OEM-Buckle and the 1x loop will be fixed.
  • Number of holes: 5 holes (up to 145mm) or 6 holes (from 145mm)

Production method

  • Each stitching hole is punched by a awl and Double hand stitched with wax yarn.
  • The buckle and the first keeper sit in a loop
  • A free (loose) keeper
  • Buckle type can be selected individually

Used materials

  • Soft and high-quality cowhide (cow leather) from Germany.
  • Tearproof and stable wax yarn made in Germany!
  • Beeswax leather balm (resin-and acid-free)

Tradition and passion

  • The La Storia Series are only built with historical folding and sewing techniques from 1960s. (we only use old antique awl, antique leather knife ,antique plane and antique tools) 
  • The leather is not subsequently painted with leather color and there are no chemicals used. The vintage signs and scuffs can be realized in many hours of hand work by grinding and polishing. 
  • Finally, the leather is treated with sea water and nature leather balsam.


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